One of my favorite adventures is going to the library and searching for a specific book. Inevitably, the title I seek is missing, however the books to the right and left of where my book should be, call to me and open doors to new ideas and views I never new existed. Always answering some question or problem I was grappling with.

To me, this is no coincidence but Serendipity.

For this is how my life happens: I ask questions to the universe, it delivers to me answers. Usually in a form I was least expecting.

This is exactly how I became a Website Designer. It was never a specific goal when I was growing up. Heck, when I was a kid, the internet didn’t really exist yet!

As an introvert, my style of learning and working in wide consuming spurts and intense deep dives into research, raised many eyebrows despite the results being high quality and on time. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to fit into the way the world around me wanted me to be.

Eternally curious, I am amazed by the vast amount of information that exists on the internet. Not just sheer quantity, but the variety is incredible. All the “Why?” questions I asked when I was child and no one knew the answers, I could now binge until satiated.

However as I watched and listened to those around me, I saw many people struggle with the same sheer vastness that captivated and made me giddy with excitement. I eventually recognized my natural ability that most people do not have. To comb through large quantities of information, methods and ideas. To recognize patterns quickly, summarize and capture the essentials translating them with design to tell a story.

And that is when my business found me, as a Website Designer. I help creative entrepreneurs navigate and harness digital tools for their business. So they can stay focused on creating, offering their own needed services and products to the world.

Think it’s a coincidence that you ended up here on this website right now?

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