The Short List

ADA Compliance Resources

Welcome! The following links are some of the best resources on ADA Compliance rules, expertise and tools.

This list is not exhaustive but instead curated with following criteria:

  • To be understood by those will basic technology knowledge

  • Offer excellent customer service and products

This list will be updated several times a year as new products, people and advancements evolve. To be notified when updates occur, please send your email address to Sarah.


Detailed Info About Compliance


The most clear, plain english explanation of ADA Compliance and difference between Level A-AAA.

Video: W3C Overview Web Accessibility

Easy to understand, covers more detail about the importance of structure to a web page. W3C is the best practices guidelines for the entire Internet.

If you are required to follow Section 508 compliance, this is the best place to start offering trainings, overviews and resource list. Also good to check if you aren’t certain if you need to follow Section 508 or not.

Video: Screen Reader Demo

If you’ve never experienced using a Screen Reader to navigate a web page, take a few minutes to watch this video. It quickly becomes obvious how important ADA compliance is to improving life quality for disabled persons.

Tools for Accessibility


Browser plugin that allows you to apply to any webpage. Easy to use dashboard and plain english as possible diagnosis is helpful when trouble shooting DIY.


Browser Plugin from WebAIM that is bit more robust in detailed issues list but also more confusing to use. Best used to fine tune certain pages or sections of a website instead of sitewide.

Color Contrast Checker

Color contrast is an important element often overlooked. It is best to use a tool specifically built to measure the contrast ratio for accessibility.

For projects that need transcriptions and will not be using YouTube, this service has one of the best ratings and prices combined.

Guide to Accessible Photos/Social Media Posts

PDF from NYC Office of Disability that is a good overview of the correct way to tag and label images for websites and social media.

Find Freelancers

A Wordpress boutique that is per project hiring and reasonable rates. Can handle both design and developer based requests.

Pricing can vary as much as the expertise, however they have one of the better selections of ADA trained developers and designers.

ADA Compliance Agencies

NYC Small Business Service Brooklyn

Beyond offering online marketing help, they also can help with basic ADA accessibility for your website. However as with all government funded departments, expertise can vary greatly. They can also help to figure out if you are entitled to a tax deduction for what you spend to update your website to be accessible.


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