Growing a Dream

Growing a Dream






This talented local artist had been in the business for close to 20 years. Lately she was growing frustrated to see her younger, less experienced competitors snap up the lion share of customers. Having always struggled to understand technology, she was determined that the only way she could continue to live her dream as an artist was to tackle this technology thing once and for all. She didn’t want to only re-design her website, she wanted to understand how to do it herself.

Starting One Step at a Time

During our Discovery Session, it became clear that it wasn’t that she didn’t understand technology (she is a natural on social media!) but was easily overwhelmed by multi-step processes. An all-in-one Platform like Squarespace was the most obvious choice. Once the website was built, she could easily focus on just the content, keeping it freshly updated. Together we walked through the templates, discussing how she wanted to present her work, what were the services she wanted to highlight as she evolved as an artist. Then I customized the template to match her aesthetic, brand colors and incorporated some automated features to reduce her daily workload of repetitive email and scheduling tasks.

Custom Technology Lessons Fill the Gap

More than anything, she had been nervous to learn about websites because she asks a lot of questions. Often the same ones more than a few times in order to fully grasp a concept or technique. This is why I offer 1-1 training. With each answer, naturally my reply would be slightly different or even an entirely different solution that allows for those with variated learning styles to be certain to full grasp the information.


The result is a clean, colorful modern website that she can use as a tool to help her run her business, not just advertise. And the best part? Her Dream came true, today she manages her website by herself (and is back up at the top of the list among her competition).

Flash Forward

Flash Forward