Design Process

I utilize a 2 week design method which is a bit unusual, just like myself and my clients!
Below is an example of what working with me on a project could look like.

For detailed answers to common questions, please read FAQ.



We meet online or in person for 1 hour to talk about your current website today and where you want to go in the future. What are your business goals, what has worked and not, what is your tech experience? Both of us have an opportunity to check if there is a match in work style and values. 

  • If we decide to work together than the next step is to select one of the Project Dates available on my calendar. These are limited and first-come-first-serve. A 50% deposit is required to reserve the Project Date selected. 


Next step is to gather and organize all your assets (AKA your content). Text, images, videos, music, quizzes, forms, login and passwords… everything we will need to build the website around. Clients often underestimated how long this step will actually take.

  • A checklist and tips custom to your website will be created to help you move through this process as quickly as possible. Some clients take only 2 weeks, another will need 3 months+ to gather everything.

The day before the start date we go over all the gathered information to double check that nothing is missing. If too much information is missing to begin building the website, a new date will be chosen from the remaining available project dates. 


This is the fun part! We start the week building out template pages and the home page, with daily reviews of what was designed and built until we find the right balance between brand aesthetics and business goals. The work is intense, with constant communication and short deadlines. This is on purpose, to push past the analysis paralysis that overwhelms many people from finishing their website.

  • Exclusive access to my resources and knowledge to educate and move your business to the next level!


With the pages built now comes the editing. This is when we deal with the behind the scenes stuff, small settings and refinements that take your website from generic to custom.

  • Refining the text

  • Page descriptions and SEO Keywords

  • Connecting Social Media, Email and other external accounts


Before you know it, 2 weeks has passed and your website is built!
More importantly, you will have a much deeper understanding of your business, your goals, the best tools to use and a refreshed sense of purpose.

If you are ready to breath new life into your website, lets meet!